Carpet Cleaners Putney’s Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that the initial estimation given over the phone or via chat or e-mail could be amended if the size, the condition or the state of the property differs from the one already provided/described.


1.Payment Methods

Cash payment or Bank transfer, at least 24 before the service

1.Cash payments

1.1.Payment in cash is organized straight after the service is done directly to one of our representatives on site.You have the right to inspect the property with our stuff and than pay them in cash.By arranging the payment YOU AGREE that all the cleaning is done to a high standard, you are satisfy with the level of cleaning, you have no further issues or complaints and  there is no damages at the property.

1.2.If it happens no payment to be done on the day of the service or even in the next 3 days after that, all bank details will be provided by our company.


2.Bank Transfer Payments

2.1. All bank payments need to be received latest the day before the service. Customer need to send us a proof of payment via e-mail the day before otherwise the company has the right to cancel the service.

2.2.All corporate customers have the right to submit a bank transfer payment within 30 days/1 month/ after the serviec is done.

2.3. For all service for and above £300 we request a 50% deposit to be arranged at least 1 day before the cleaning in order to reserve the slot and secure the booking.

If you book a service and confirm a specific day for the cleaning to be performed that means the customer already agreed to pay the final quoted price.If the amount is not paid, we reserve the right to:

  • report such customer as a Bad Debtor to the relevant financial institutions in UK
  • take any legal actions to persue customer for the amount due
  • publish the name of the customer as a Bad Debtor in the newspaper


When you book and confirm any kind of cleaning service you confirm that you have written, understood and agreed with our Terms and Conditions and Payment methods.




Each client has the right to cancel , re-arrange or re-schedule a cleaning appointment however we request that to be done at least 48 hours before the actual service.Please be aware that failure to notice the company for any changes in the period requested will result with £20 non refundable cancellation fee.

Each client has the right to terminate a regular cleaning appointment with at least one week/7days/ notice. You can cancel the service over the phone or even via e-mail however a specific reason will be requested as well as specifying the last cleaning session.

A full cancellation should be paid if any regular cleaning session is cancelled or rescheduled less than 48hours notice or it is terminated less than one week notice.

Each customer has the right to cancel or reschedule the service via phone or using e-mail.

We reserve the right to cancel any service if the property is hazardous, dangerous or even risky for our operatives.

In case of an accident or any unexpected circumstances the company reserve the right to reschedule or even cancel the service.



In order to provide a cleaning service all customers need to organize an access to electricity and running hot water. Failure to provide them is just a matter of £20 non refeundable cancellation fee.

All clients need to provide access to their properties at the day and time scheduled. If our team is provided with a set of keys , it has to be confirmed that it will easily lock and unlock without any special requirements.If an access is not provided on the day and time requested a £20 non refundable cancellation fee will apply.

A parking space within the area of the property need to be organized , confirmed or paid in order for a cleaning job to be performed.




Once the service has been done no refund claims will be considered.

All the services will be deemed to be done to a customer satisfacion unless written notice is received by the company with the matter of the complaint.Each complaint will be discussed, reviewed and solved to the satisfaction of the client or at least to the normal standards.

Customer should agree to allow the company for any re-clean or re-done session  to be performed first before any third part to be involved.

If by any chance it happen one of our operatives on site to have an accident and something to be broke down, we offer to try to find an identical replacement if that is possible.

We reserve the right to require an access to the property within 24hours in order to fix and solve the problem.

In case something is broken or damaged by our representative and that is proved, the company will cover the cost for the repair.If the area/item could not be fixed or replaced, the Company will compensate the customer with the actual cash value toward a like a replacement.This option is applicable only when the full payment for the service is received.



The Company could not take responsibility for any third parts or their actions at customer’s premises during the cleaning session.The cleaners are not allowed to give an access to any third part in the property during the visit.

All the items which are not included in the company liability are:cash, jewellery, art, antiques and items of santimental value.If any refund requested for santimental/personal items it will be only for their actual cash cost.

Please be aware that we request that all the items with irrecovarable value to be stored away or at least not to be part of the cleaning process.

The compnay will not take any responsibility for any damages, such as old stains/burns/spillage which could not be completely cleaned and removed even with professional industrial cleaning methods and products.

Any shrinkage of not properly fitted carpets would not be accepted as a company fault.

Our technicians will do their best to clean the carpets or the uphosltery to the highest possible standard, however no guarantee could be done for a final results of any carpets/upholstery which were not properly maintained or not cleaned for a long period of time, which are full with durt, dust and stains.

No responsibility will be taken of the company if the carpet is damaged as a result of Customer placing a furniture on a surface which has not been completely dry.

Our operatives or the company are not liable for any wear or discoloration of fabric which become visible after removing the dirt.

If there are any damages caused by fault equipment/products provided by customer no responsibility will be taken.

For all services which are not listed in the customer’s task list the company will not be liable.

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